Monday, 6 March 2017

Beatus Alfresco Dining & Grill - Surabaya

Compulsory destination in Surabaya? Hands down goes to Beatus Alfresco Dining & Grill! Their caramelised butter crab is just hauntingly delicious!
Caramelised Butter Crab
Don't forget to order their buttered herb escargot and caeser salad for appetiser while waiting for the main.
Caesar Salad
To end the magical dinner with something sweet, their Avocado Cream with Vanilla Ice Cream is just we need. Creamy yet not too overwhelming. If you are not a dessert lover, we are most definitely sure you will fall in love with this one. 
Avocado Cream with Vanilla Ice Cream
Jl. Bukit Darmo Boulevard
Loop Plaza Graha Family Kav 23-27
Surabaya 60213, Indonesia
Tue - Sun: 6pm -11pm