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Located in Moonee Ponds, Philhellene Provincial Greek Cuisine is an inviting and cozy restaurant that attracts many diners in for their home style Greek dishes. Like in many cultures, eating home-cooked meals are comforting and strengthen the bond of family.  and that was what TwoPaperPen experienced while dining in Philhellene. It was the closest to eating at a traditional Greek home as told by John, the owner. 
Greek culinary in Melbourne
As we entered the establishment, the interior details of exposed brick walls and dark wood furnish sets an atmosphere of a homey eatery.
Serving authentic Greek cuisine since 2008
What shall we order?
Having close connection to the community garden, Philhellene uses only premium seasonal produce for their mouth watering Greek dishes. We had the opportunity to visit their kitchen to see the preparation of the famous zucchini flowers and silver beet dolmades. It was a delicate process which took skills and fair amount of time to prepare.
Prepping the zucchini flowers.
Prepping the silver beet dolmades
For entrees, we had their Zucchini Flowers, Silverbeet Dolmades, Vine Leaf Dolmades, Melitzanosalata dip with Grilled Pita Bread. 
Entrees from the Specials 
The Zucchini Flowers were a delight and we enjoyed it right down to the stems. The flavoured rice tasted amazing and the stem tasted sweet and soft. 
Zucchini flowers
The Silverbeet Dolmades was prepared by wrapping some flavoured rice and mince beef into a silverbeet leaf. It has to be wrapped perfectly to ensure all the flavours stayed in the leaf. 
Silver beet dolmades
It was so easy to cut the Silverbeet dolmades and we know it was a perfect stuffing since none of it crumbles out of the silverbeet leaf. It was indeed scrumptious and full of flavours. 
Section cut
Philhellene also provide lots of option that fit many dietary requirement. One of the vegetarian option that we got to taste was the Vine Leaf Dolmades. It was equally tasty as the silverbeet dolmades.
The Melitzanosalata consists of char smoked eggplant with herbs, garlic and olive oil, best eaten with the grilled pita bread. It tasted exactly like the ingredients. We adored how Philhellene present their dishes in the the most honest way possible.
Melitzanosalata Dip with Grilled Flat Bread
The Calamari with Melia was perfectly cooked. The meat was soft and tender and the crushed olive with honey enhanced the flavour of the calamari as a whole.  
Calamari With Melia
It's good to have some greens (and pink) in a meal. The Grain Salad was extremely refreshing dish and we absolutely adore the fresh pomegranate topping. It was also a great transition from the calamari dish to the goat dish.
Grain Salad
Roast Kid Goat was cooked perfectly and the meat was succulent. It was soft and every bite of the meat is so strongly flavoured. The portion was also generous, great for sharing with a group of people. 
Roast Kid Goat

Details on the Roast Kid Goat

Char Lamb Cutlets
With 30 years of cooking experience and passion for Greek Cuisine, Philhellene is notably one of the four Greek restaurant listed in Australian Good Food Guide 2016.
One of the four Greek restaurant to be listed in the Australian GoodFood Guide 2016

551-553 Mount Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds, MelbourneVIC
Mon - Wed & Sat: 5:30pm - midnight
Thur & Fri: 12pm -3pm, 7pm- midnight
Sun: 12am - midnight
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