Monday, 29 August 2016

Coffee & Korean Fried Chicken

NV Drinks has recently become a partner with Nene Chicken Australia to deliver international flavours of its unique blend of slo-drip coffees. Beginning their slow-dripped in Melbourne, NV Drinks have spread and share their amazing flavours over to Perth and (soon to drip) Brisbane. While some might think that coffee and fried chicken made an odd pair, TwoPaperPen thinks that they taste surprisingly amazing together. After all, we did try and tasted these amazing pairing of goodness.
NV Drinks X NeNe Chicken
NeNe Chicken comes with 8 unique flavours and we had a chance to try them all. Let's take some time to appreciated the heavenly spread we had here. Here we had their Original (1) and Oriental Green Onion (2). The Original comes with a side of mustard and always been our favourite. Their other amazing and fun flavours; Lemon (3), Snowing Vegetable (4), Swicy (5), Bulgogi (6), Garlic (7) and Freaking Hot (8). 
Half and half
Double the fun
It's not a secret that TwoPaperPen has been loving NV Drinks' authentic flavours from the beginning. We love both of their amazing flavours; Black Coffee and White Coffee with our fried chickens! Couldn't stress on how oddly these two comfort food compliment each other. The Black Coffee has no sugar, no milk products and 100% slo-drip coffee goodness. Great for after meal to clear the greasy after taste of the fried chicken. The White Coffee is a great to drink in between different flavours of the fried chicken especially when you order their half and half. 
Eat fried chicken and drink coffee. YAS!
3 flavours of keep your taste buds tingling.
And another two!
Their Sweet Corn Cup comes with different flavours; here we had their Chilli Flakes flavour. Bear in mind to eat the corn first if you are having their freaking hot flavour friend chicken; otherwise you won't be able to feel the chilli.
Sweet corn, a popular side dish in Korean food joint.
Spare some space in you bellies for the fun and tasty Tornado Potato. If you like their Snowing vegetable flavour, you will like this just because they use the same flavour powder. It's weird that the powder taste uniquely different on their chicken and twisted potato. 
Fun to eat!
NV drinks are now available in NeNe Chicken in VIC, WA and QLD.
What a feast!
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