Monday, 6 June 2016

Italian Wine + Food Festival 2016 - Melbourne

Italian Wine + Food Festival is one of the best food festival in 2016 even though this is their very first event! It was a celebration of wine, cheese and Italian food; and also the time where Melbournian becomes Italiano for a day.
Let the festival begin!
Event wristband to enter.
The event showcased many options of local and international wine. It only cost $5 to get a glass and sample as many types of wine as you can/want.
Plenty of local and imported wines
This is definitely one of the most unforgettable experience of 2016. We tasted many great Italian foods and drank variety of wines. Plenty of space to roam around and they even have a small garden area for dining. Each food stall put thoughts and effort in decorations.

Here is some photos of food from the festival:

Fregola con calamari suchetto capretto

Marinara pizza

Thirty Eight Chairs
Rigatoni con ragu napoletano
La Bonta
Gnocchi di zucca
Entertaining display at the festival
We stayed there for a couple of hours and managed to try many dishes and sampled the wine and cheeses. The both of us just couldn't get enough that we had to buy home some cheese, salami and crackers for snacking during movie night.

Twopaperpen's favorites:
The food totally blew our mind and the salami was nothing we had ever tasted. Definitely the event that we will be looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Enjoy the snippet of our food adventure,