Thursday, 2 June 2016

Indonesian Face Masks

During my visit to Indonesia, I made it my mission to get a handful of facial masks from the local supermarket. I have been using different kinds of masks (mostly korean) and I thought that I should give the local brands some love. I was quite surprised that they actually stock different types of masks like the powder, cream and sheet masks. Beauty is taking the world by storm and Indonesian beauty company acknowledge it. There are more and more skincare products available now than ever before.
Indonesian Facial Masks
Powder mask can be quite tricky. One time, I added too much water and the watery consistency is not usable. The second attempt I added too little water and it crumbles as soon as I spread it onto my face. Turns out, each sachet can be use up to 3 times.
Ovale Facial Mask Powder
Pearl & Yam Bean
Ovale also manufactures their mask in cream form and I must say on how catchy these packaging are. Comparing the powder and the cream, I preferred the cream ones by far. Firstly, you don't need to get a container to mix the powder into a paste. Less messy and travel friendly.
Ovale Facial Mask
Tomato, Yam Bean, Lemon, CucumberMus
Mustika Ratu is a well-establish brand that is known for their natural ingredients. I tried the yam bean and tomato and honestly I think that the smell is too overwhelming for me. 
Mustika Ratu Powder Mask
Yam Bean, Tomato, Mundisari
Sari Ayu by Martha Tilaar facial mask powder is also another well-establish beauty brand from Indonesia known for using natural ingredients.
Sariayu by Martha Tilaar Powder Mask
Yam Beans, Green Beans, Lime, Black Sticky Rice
Mentholatum masks are one of the pricier mask available in the market. Each package comes with 2 sheets of masks. The first sheet is for the top half of the face (T zone and eyes area) and the second sheet is for the bottom half of the face (around the lips and jaw lines area). Reminds me of some the luxury mask from SK II and Dr Jart. 
Mentholatum Beauty Mask
The masks are very straight forward and you can choose the one that suits your concerns, whether it is firming, whitening, lifting and refining pores.
Firming, Whitening, Pore Refining  Lifting
What I find intriguing about Indonesian facial masks will be the different unique variants. Indonesian masks tend to be more herbal compared to those you can find in western countries. Tomato for masks? Why not? It says that tomato gives the skin a more youthful results. Plus, it was recommended by my sister who had tried the mask.
Tomato Mask
The most common variant I got will be the yam bean. It is one of the most common ingredient use to brighten and whiten the skin. Indonesian women thrive to look fair rather than tan. I tried the masks but I think that the smell is too over powering for me. Definitely not going to be in my favorite list. 
Yam Bean Mask
Pearl to whiten the skin, just like the yam bean.
Pearl Mask
Lemon or lime for acne care. I have a couple of acne scars and even till now I still have adult pimples. Quite excited just because the only time I saw lemon mask will be from a Korean mask. 
Lemon & Lime Mask

Green beans for firming of the skin. I love green bean soup for warm dessert but green bean mask? I REALLY need to try this. After all, green bean soup is my childhood snack and it made me feel nostalgic.
Green Bean Mask
Black sticky rice to combat aging skin. I am loving this! Black sticky rice is a popular dessert in Indonesia and it is my absolute favorite. Let's see whether it makes a great mask.
Black Sticky Rice Mask
Murraya exotica leaf mask to clean and get rid of dead skin cells.
Murraya Exotica Leaf Mask
Cucumber to reduce excess oil on the face. Refreshing!
Cucumber Mask
So many masks, so many to choose from. I'm glad that there are plenty of options to combat different types go skin problems.