Tuesday, 1 March 2016

NV Drinks - Hand Crafted Vietnamese Slo-drip coffee

Vietnamese slow-drip coffee at home? Why not!

NV, just like the pronunciation, stands for envy. NV DRINKS is all about being envied, for it evoke a twinge of desire to have a quality coffee at the comfort of your own home.

NV DRINKS embodied the traditional process of coffee making, the slow-drip, and package it in a tight bottle for maximum freshness. Their mission to deliver this traditional flavour from shore-to-shore and it has arrived in Australia.

Vietnamese slo-drip coffee

NV DRINKS comes with two flavours : black coffee and white coffee. The white coffee has been pre-mixed with condense milk, just like how it's served traditionally. When some pre-mixed coffee can be slightly too sweet for the tastebud, NV's white coffee has a perfect consistency of aroma, flavour and sweetness. Our favourite and winner is still their black coffee because we love strong and intense flavour. Plus, we can always adjust the amount of milk or sweetener to our liking.

We like it serve as ice coffee, straight out of the bottle.
Just as it is, black and strong.
Or with condense milk!
Vietnamese ice coffee
Or like this! Freeze NV DRINKS black coffee into ice cubes and serve it with milk. We love how the black coffee melt and mix into the milk. No more diluted ice coffee!

Available at IGA Port Melbourne
78 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

For catering and enquiries: enquiries@nvgroups.com.au

Instagram: @NVDrinks