Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Beyond Impressed

Beyond is a Korean brand that is dedicated to produce beauty products that is on the perspective of anti-animal testing. All products are dermatologically tested and no paraben added. I was happy to read that Beyond use minumum fragrance and chemical colorants. Let's face it, most of commercial beauty products have chemicals that might be harsh in a long run. It is best to reduce the amount of chemical in your skincare regime and start to choose beauty products wisely.

1 Skinny Pore Tightening Serum
2 Just Beyond Original Power Vita C Serum
3 Oh My Scrub Peeling
First of all, the smell is so good. I will used this after I have cleanse and tone my face. The consistency is so light that it absorbs quickly into the skin. 

I apply some to my cleanse face before applying my morning moisturizer. The texture is really light and cooling. It sures brighten up my face in the morning. 

This product is similar to a normal facial cleanser but only to be done twice per week. The smell is very fruity and kind of reminding me of papaya even though there is none of that in the composistion. Nevertheless, I love the smell and the after scrub feeling. 

I have never heard of Beyond before and and I have nothing but good reviews for all of my purchases there. They definitely live uo to their philosophy and belief. Over all, I will be sure to return for my second purchase.